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 Insanity- the 60 Day Total Body Transformation

It indeed sounds insane that you can totally change your body in 60 days, but it is true. You can get ripped efficiently and extremely fast, if you follow this professional fitness program available from Beachbody. This is basically the hardest fitness program that has ever been released for home use, on DVD.

However, this is not for everybody, because this is the toughest training you’ll ever have to put up with. It’s intense. It’s strong. It’s tough. It’s simply INSANE. Wearing a heart rate monitor is almost obligatory if you choose this fitness training program. Whenever you feel that you have pushed yourself over the limits, stop.

Continue whenever you feel ready. After 60 days, you’ll get leaner, stronger and ripped! Certainly you’ll also get healthy, because all the fat from your body is gone forever (what would you say if the fat in your system was only about 8% to 10% after 60 days?). Insane is a total body conditioning program that brings extraordinary results. For this, you’ll definitely have to ignore the pool of sweat beneath you, and just continue working out.

If you are that determined and ambitious, Insanity might just be the fitness program that you need. The program does not require the use of weights; the only resistance system in the workout is offered by your own body! This program is actually meant to totally transform your body in only 2 months. You’ll get the results that others achieve only after 1 full year of working out at least three times per week. Get fit with Insanity!


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